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From Gargano to Salento

30 April 2021

From Gargano to Salento

Apulia is the region of a thousand faces, deep-rooted traditions, enchanting landscapes and rich history. Each vico tells of passion and love for its land, of the different cultural and social characteristics and traditions in its territory, of its world-famous gastronomic excellence, and of the ancient paths teeming with centuries-old stories and legends.

Apulia is an emotional journey and each city gives access to the Apulian soul thanks to the many experiences to be enjoyed all year round, from January to December with its infamous festivals, patron saint festivals and historical events that are very much alive throughout the territory!

Every glimpse is enchanting and tells compelling stories: from the rich and fertile Apulian countryside to the paradisiacal golden beaches, from the long and narrow alleys to the cities full of life!


Telling the story of Puglia is not easy: it is warmth, emotion, passion for every detail that belongs to it.


We at Pugliautentica want to leave it up to you, our guests and beloved travellers, to tell us about your experience, your travels within the Heel of Italy, your emotions and the paths you took in this extraordinary land!


Tell us about your trip below!

Tell us about the experiences you had, the faces you met and the emotions you experienced along the ancient paths of Puglia.


We look forward to reading about your #MadeinPuglia experience and hope to see you soon on our roads!