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The Snack between Tradition, Innovation and Quality

Puglia Sapori

If we had to choose a shape for Puglia, it would be the classic and curvy roundness of the tarallo. Symbol of our oldest culinary traditions, with a history that spans centuries, the tarallo is the foundation of the Puglia Sapori company.  


We are in CONVERSANO (BA), an architectural jewel with one of the most beautiful historic centres in the region. Founded in the nineties, the family-run company Puglia Sapori took its first steps in the local pastry sector, and then in 2000 began producing tasty savoury snacks.  


Our guide is Roberto Renna, operations manager of the company, which stands alongside other companies halfway between the city and the open countryside, as if to convey a direct link with nature and its goodness. The skill with which Puglia Sapori combines the taste of its snacks with respect for tradition has become their trademark.  


The ingredients to make tarallini are few, but of high quality, perfectly representing an entrepreneurial philosophy that has always wanted to keep the homemade version of baked goods alive. A company that has adapted its production to the original recipe and that, in addition to excellent raw materials, respects the preparation from start to finish.  


It is no coincidence that Puglia Sapori is one of the few companies that still boils the tarallo, just as it was done in the homes and bakeries of yesteryear. As Roberto explains, this is a fundamental step that preserves the fragrance and consistency of the product, even though it makes the process take longer.



The continuous search for the perfect sensory experience, combined with the typical crunchiness of the tarallo, has lead Puglia Sapori to produce a wide range of truly delicious specialities. The Classic Line offers, just to name a few, taralli with fennel seeds, simple with extra virgin olive oil, multigrain, with chilli pepper, pizza flavour, onion flavour, and a Multipack version, so you always have a fresh bag available.  


One of the central themes of Puglia Sapori products is attention to health. This is why the brand has invested in continued research and development, and has accompanied the Classic line with Gluten free and Organic options as well. There is something for everyone in the Organic line. You can choose between multigrain tarallini (tasty but also light), spelt tarallini, and specialities with Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, all prepared with extra virgin olive oil and yeast-free.  


“Just as good without” is the motto of the Gluten-free line, which has its own dedicated factory and a recipe developed in collaboration with the University of Bari. The goal was to find the right mix of gluten-free flours that would leave the taste of the classic tarallo unaltered.  


We are pleased to say that Puglia Sapori has succeeded, offering their consumers options with buckwheat, quinoa flour, wholegrain, or legumes.  


Tasty and enjoyable, for a delicious snack that tastes like Puglia from the very first bite.   



Puglia Sapori

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